Daytona Beach Declared March 25, 1956 Batista Day

Today, March 25, 1956 was declared Batista day in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Following was posted in the Daytona Beach News Journal this morning:


1956: Cuban President Batista honored in Daytona Beach

Cuban president Fulgencio Batista was honored with a parade and banquet on March 25, 1956, as Daytona Beach declared it “President Batista Day.” The Cuban dictator lived in Daytona Beach during his years of exile in the 1940s and said he considered Daytona Beach “my second home.” Batista asked to return to Daytona Beach after his ouster in 1959 but was denied entry to the United States. His wife and children, however, lived here briefly after fleeing the revolu­tion. He sold his Halifax Avenue home to Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in 1964."

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