Klobuchar on US-#Cuba Relations and Business

The following came from an editorial in the Star Tribune:

In March, 2015, "Minnesota’s senior U.S. senator, Democrat Amy Klobuchar, introduced the “Freedom to Export to Cuba Act of 2015.” If passed, it would repeal or amend the long-entrenched laws that have restricted trade between the two nations during the Castro regime’s repressive rule. The bill’s introduction comes on the heels of President Obama’s historic use of executive power in December to re-establish diplomatic relations and ease travel restrictions. But congressional action is needed to end the embargo. Klobuchar’s bill is a sensible start toward making that happen."

Senator Klobuchar on US-#Cuba Relations

The Senator's new book, "The Senator Next Door: A memoir from the Heartland," to be published this week, is an "Anti-Trump Book." In it, she discusses her support of the Iran nuclear deal, and says she is optimistic about the prospect of bipartisan action to lift the trade embargo against Cuba, especially if U.S. restrictions on travel to Cuba are eased. She is quoted in a USA Today Article, "Klobuchar Sees Iran Ire, Cuba Consensus," by Susan Page, August 20, 2015, as saying, "Once those tens of millions of Americans come into Cuba, the impetus for more foreign investment, from hotels to telecommunications to food ... that is going to make a major difference.... My fear is if we wait to long, pretty soon those American tourists will be sleeping in Spanish hotels and eating German food."

Klobuchar Sees Iran Ire, Cuba Consensus, USA Today Article

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