Feria Internacional de Libros - UNEAC - Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba

I am attending the Havana International Book Fair “Feria Internacional de Libros” for the second time. This time, as in 2011, I’ve been to some talks at UNEAC, the Association of Cuban Authors. It’s a beautiful, historic building. I didn’t take photos of it when I attended previously. The UNEAC is the building where I met Leonardo Padura, and he autographed books for me, which I had found by scouring the city. I even found a used copy of his first book of short stories on that first trip and had him sign it to me.
This trip, I’ve been to UNEAC twice to attend lectures, but Padura is talking about his new book on Saturday at the Cabaña, which is the large extension of El Morro, the fort that overlooks the inlet. The Cabaña is normally a museum, but they convert all the rooms to book displays and sales areas at this time each year. 
Below photos are at UNEAC.

Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba

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