Coming soon to US: Cuba Libre, with real Cuban rum

Cuba Libre - It meant Free Cuba, or A Free Cuba. Everybody knows the drink, with rum, Coca Cola and lime.  They have a cola in Cuba, but it's not Coca Cola.  I've not seem many limes in Cuba. Was the drink the name behind this web site? Is Cuba free now?

I myself am not so sure how good Cuban rum made in Cuba actually is.  After Bacardi left, sugar cane crops fizzled, and all kinds of products became hard to find in Cuba. I just have my doubts.  But my friends are all asking me to bring back cigars when I return in two weeks, and I imagine I'll use up my $100 quota with cigars.  Since I neither smoke anything nor drink alcohol, it doesn't excite me much.  :)

Coming soon to US: Cuba Libre, with real Cuban rum

Dec. 22, 2014 6:29 PM EST
Associated Press
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“MIAMI (AP) — U.S. rum aficionados are abuzz over the possibility of mixing a Cuba Libre with authentic Cuban rum, now that they will be able to bring home liquor distilled in the communist nation.

Relaxed limits on what licensed U.S. travelers can bring home mean that Americans will be able to enjoy small quantities of the liquor at home. But, with the embargo still in place, the rum won't be flooding bars or the market.

And it's unclear what the news means for industry titan Bacardi, which was driven from its Cuba headquarters by the 1959 Castro revolution. In the past, Bacardi has left the door open for a return to its homeland. But company representatives wouldn't give details when asked Thursday what, if any, plans it has if the more than 50-year-old embargo on Cuban goods ends, now that President Barack Obama is working to normalize relations with the country.”

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