With U.S. Law Changes, Can I Visit Cuba Now?

People are always asking me how they can go to Cuba. I am able to go without a tour because of the U.S. rule that allows visits to Close Relatives, which I have in two areas of Cuba.  I refer people who ask me and don't have family there to Steve Rupert, of Cuba Travel Adventure. I met him on my first visit to Havana in 2010, because he was staying in the same casa particular as I.  He works as a court mediator in Tampa, but spends a lot of time taking people to Cuba.

He has a license to legally transport small and large groups for various purposes to Cuba.

He wrote this e-mail the day after the announcement by Obama and Castro, talking about the new changes that are coming.

"Hi Folks,
As you may have heard, there will be changes to Cuba travel policy. It appears you will still need a license to go there and still must use specific travel providers. But the intent is to make it easier for average citizens to go. If by easier they mean negotiate the Cuba travel restrictions by yourself.
There is no doubt going to be an uptick in Cuba travel by Americans. Part of the new regulations allow for certain exports and business relationships to be forged. This means eventually, Havana will start to look more American.
I strongly recommend you see Havana before Starbucks moves in. This is why I will be taking tour groups every two weeks starting in mid-January, depending on seat availability. Since the announcement of the changes, my phone has been ringing off the hook. After speaking with the charter flight companies, I cannot make specific dates in January until they look at seat demand. But I can tell you the crowd is forming.
My trips are one week and costs $2000, which includes the flight from Tampa, accommodation and health insurance. You will have English speaking guides throughout. There will be at least one trip to the provinces. You can email me back or call me at 813-263-6300.
Hope to see you soon. You need to see Havana as it is now before the inevitable Americanization takes hold. Whatever dates you have available I’m sure I can find a trip to suit your schedule. See you in Havana.
Steve Rupert
Cuba Travel Adventure

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