Cuba's Silvio Rodriguez to USAID: 'Go to Hell'

Earlier this week, AP new reports stated that the USAID agency had used Cuban Hip-Hop musicians to further anti-government language.

So the Hip-Hop stars left Cuba for the United States. The famous, musician father of one is in Cuba, blaming the U.S. Agency for messing everything up.  Yesterday, we quoted the Babalu blog of saying the reporting of such things is an AP ploy to cause trouble.

And today, before we posted this article, everything seemed to change quickly, so we didn't even post this till now.

AP reports reported:

"HAVANA — Dec 16, 2014, 7:11 PM ET
One of Cuba's most famous musicians is telling the U.S. Agency for International Development to "go to hell" for pulling his son and other island-based rappers without their knowledge into a scheme aimed at sparking a youth uprising against the Communist government.
Folk singer Silvio Rodriguez went onto his Segunda Cita blog this week to fill in his fellow Cubans with the details of the operation revealed by The Associated Press.
His defended his son, rapper Silvio Liam Rodriguez, and Aldo Rodriguez of the Cuban rap duo Los Aldeanos, who is not a member of their family. The two young musicians and a second member of Los Aldeanos now live in Florida because they say the Cuban government made it impossible for them to perform on the island.
"The AP's revelations about the insistent program of USAID are full of anecdotes, but more than anything they offer a clear lesson about manipulation and intervention" in Cuban affairs, Rodriguez wrote.

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