The Associated Press has reported that, "When Charlie Crist went to Miami's Little Havana recently, the Democratic candidate for governor stood before a crowd and said what few politicians have in decades of scrounging for votes in the Cuban-American neighborhood: End the trade embargo against Cuba."

Somebody said to me, "He's looking for votes." I replied that many south Florida politicians forever have touted the Embargo so as not to lose the votes of the hard-line Cuban Exiles in Miami.

This is a fresh look that caused me to reconsider Charlie Christ as a viable candidate.

According to the article, even Hillary Rodham Clinton is now openly opposed to the Embargo.

The article states, "He argues that the embargo has failed because it has not toppled the Castro government but has hurt the Cuban people. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result," he told reporters at the opening of a campaign office in Little Havana."

Google Exec says Cuban Internet is Old and Censored - Miami Herald

It's interesting, in a week in which Charlie Christ has indicated the Embargo should be eliminated, that this man says the same thing. Of course, the Cuban government might not be so eager to allow electronics into the country even without the Embargo, as the result of the recent scandal of the U.S. government's fake Twitter fiasco.
According to the article, he also states that, "Information is passed hand to hand in USB flash drives and other digital memories in “a type of sneakernet,” ... and youths have been assembling mesh networks of Wi-Fi routers for file sharing and private messaging."  Even famous blogger Yoani Sanchez recently stated that she intends to make her materials more available on the island by using such techniques.
We know plenty of people in Cuba, and we know the way this man describes Cuban Internet is quite accurate.