Santiago de Cuba #7 - La Gran Piedra

Easterly and near Santiago de Cuba, is an elevated area called La Gran Piedra, translated as the Big Rock.  It's high in the mountains. I've met Cubans who have hiked up there from sea level. We drove up.  Even when one drives, there is a long walk to the base of the rock, and then stairs to the top of the rock. 

Here is an article about La Gran Piedra:  

"HAVANA TIMES,  — Formed most likely from a volcanic rupture, the “Gran Piedra” (the Grand Stone) is an enormous rock measuring 51 yards long and 25 to 30 yards wide. With a calculated weight of 63,000 tons, this boulder is situated on the summit of a mountain rising 1,225 meters above sea level. The site is located 25 kilometers (16 miles) southeast from the city of Santiago de Cuba."

Photos I have taken:

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