Venezuelans of Cuban Heritage Compare their Dilemma

A twenty-something year old Venezuelan compares the situation in Venezuela to her mother's having to flee Cuba as a child. Cubans have also commented that they don't know what's going on in Venezuela and are concerned. It's because Venezuela itself is clamping down on reporting of the dissension. These are quotes and photos from friends and relatives in Venezuela.

"Soy venezolana nieta de españoles y cubanos, si mi mama es cubana solo duro pocos años en su pais porque le toco huir y asi como ella miles de venezolanos hoy viven regados en el mundo no quiero ser una mas, yo me quiero quedar... resiste venezuela !!!"

"I am Venezuelan, with grandparents from Cuba and Spain. My mom is Cuban, but lived only a few hard years in her country before being forced to flee. Thus are the lives of thousands of Venezuelans who today live scattered around the world. I do not want to be one more. I want to stay ... Resist Venezuela!"

Other posts on the Venezuela issue in the past week:

"Donde estaran los comunicadores sociales de este pais (Venezuela), especialmente los periodistas de la tv .... sera que existe alguno con las suficientes bolas de hablar lo que sucede."

"Where could the journalists of this country (Venezuela) be, especially the tv reporters .... there must be some reporters with enough balls to speak what happens."
Here's an English UTube posted by a Venezuelan:

A Facebook Page about Venezuelan problem:

Young Venezuelan of Cuban heritage says:

"Venezuela pareciera que le cayo un cancer terminal que se lo ah comido en pocos meses, que mal esta el país"

"Venezuela seems to be dying of terminal cancer that has eaten away at it in a few months. How bad things are in this country!"
 — in Caracas, Venezuela.

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