Cuban-American Exiles Shifting in Policy View?

A strong group of people who have historically rejected all travel to Cuba and have supported the Embargo may be shifting, according to an Associated Press article. The article also quotes people who do not support the supposed shift. (It's an AP article, but Associated Press itself has a shorter version)

Among exile elite, a shift over Cuba-US policy

Cuban-Americans reconsidering the five-decade economic and travel embargo against the communist country.

By Laura Wides-munoz 
The Associated Press
MIAMI – When Miami’s new art museum opened in December, namesake Jorge Perez spoke easily about a once-taboo topic among Cuban-American powerbrokers: his desire to increase artistic exchanges with those on the communist island.
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Developer and art collector Jorge Perez, poses for a photograph in his office at the Related Group, in Miami.
The Associated Press
Then, this week, billionaire sugar baron Alfonso Fanjul – whose family’s business was seized by Fidel Castro in 1959 – spoke publicly for the first time about investing back in Cuba.
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