Cuba Cracks Down on Private Cinemas, Game Salons

The Associated Press and other media have quoted the Communist Party newspaper Granma, which says Cuban authorities are shutting down privately run cinemas and video game salons, which have become very popular recently, saying Saturday that the businesses are unauthorized. These businesses have been operating in a legal gray area often under licenses for independent restaurants, offering basic food and refreshments. This type of activity is not specifically authorized as an enterprise under limited economic changes begun by Raul Castro.
"Private theaters have become increasingly popular as an alternative to poorly maintained state-run cinemas, which tend to show more staid, high-brow fare, and moviegoers were also dismayed at the news." (Associated Press)
"Recently the Communist Party youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde published a lengthy article quoting Vice Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas as saying the video salons promote "frivolity, mediocrity, pseudo culture and banality," raising fears of a crackdown." (Associated Press)

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