Another Shirley Lykes Passenger Receives Copies of Photos and Videos of the Trip

I happen to have videos and photos of the Shirley Lykes, one of the Lykes Company ships, which brought Cuban Refugees to Port Everglades in January of 1963. Since I first posted them about two years ago, I have been contacted by three people, who were young kids on that trip, and I was able to share the video and photos with them.  Last year, we had a dinner at our house, and introduced the First Mate from the ship, and one of the people on the ship, who was a young child at the time.  I posted photos of the First Mate and the woman who was on the ship after that dinner. Today, I met the third person who had contacted me.  He was two years old on the trip, and wanted to see if he could find his family on the photos and videos, so I delivered them to him.

The ship took medicine and other items as ransom for Bay of Pigs prisoners, their families and other refugees who were allowed to leave.

In the past, I posted an official newsreel video of the trip, and I am putting that link here:

Here are newspaper links:

This is one of the many items I published about this on Cubalibretoday in the past.

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