A Goodreads Review of Cuba, the Making of a Revolution by Ramon Eduardo Ruiz

The following review has been posted in Goodreads:

"Hmm. Well the author does provide some insight i have not seen before. But the bottom line seems to be that it's all our fault. It's the U.S.'s intrusion on others' affairs, contradicting the strong Cuban nationalism, that was the impetus. While I do believe the U.S. intrudes, I don't know that it is such a major factor in what occurred in Cuba. There were numerous leaders, some, but not all promoted by the U.S., who led the people to be discontented and welcoming of a revolution. Whoops. This is supposed to be a review of the book, not the theory. 

This author, Ramon Eduardo Ruiz is well known and well respected as an authority on Cuban history, so I will accept his thesis, and say the book is interesting."


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