Beyonce and Jay-Z 's Cuba Trip Made Supporters of the Embargo Go Crazy? posts a great article about how the rabid anti-cuban contact have said ridiculous things about Beyonce and Jay-Z's trip to Havana.

As everybody who reads this blog knows, Yoani Sanchez left Cuba on her international trip long before she came to the U.S., and thus before Beyonce and Jay-Z arrived in Cuba.

There are many legally licenses tour group trips to Cuba now.  Anybody can go if they utilize one of these organizations.  They are sanctioned by the U.S. government.

The article makes several great points, including the fact that U.S. younger generation who follow Beyonce might ask why they all can't go to Cuba, if this is a free country.  Haha.

But see the article.  It's great. 

Will Yoani's World Tour Be Country-Changing?

Time Magazine's (Tim Padgett) posted an excellent, thought-provoking analysis of Yoani Sanchez' "World Tour" on April 4. He analyzed many of the themes she promoted, or at least statements she said, and reactions.

I mentioned last week that I was quite surprised there were no protesters at Yoani's talk at FIU last week, although writers for Nueva Accion has been quite vocal about her visit.

The last sentence of the Time article, is: "Chances are, while her life-changing spring tour won’t produce a Cuban Spring any time soon, it could turn out to be more of a country-changing excursion than either she or the Castros anticipated."

Yoani receiving the Medallion of Courage Award from FIU.

Yoani at FIU

Yoani is gracious, down-to-earth and well-spoken.  She explained how social media, Internet use and other communication has changed dramatically, even recently, and how the intra-country and international communication have changed her country.  

She eloquently explained many topics in ways I (and probably others) have never heard before. 

We will examine different topics covered in her talk over the next week or so.

No protesters outside Yoani venue

I kind of thought there might be protesters where Yoani Sanchez is going to speak. .  There is plenty of police presence, but no protesters.  The attendees are wheel dressed and excited to be here.