How Long Does it Take to Declare a Dictator Dead - And What's Cuba Going to Do for Money?

Two thoughts come to mind on the announcement of Chavez's death.

1.  Did he really die today, or two months ago?  I heard many Venezuelans saying, even today, that the military and his choice for his replacement finally decided yesterday that enough was enough and they had to tell the truth.  I suppose it doesn't matter, whether he was sick, brain dead or really dead, his control was still there.

2.  What will Cuba do?  We all thought that the reforms that Raul has made in Cuba were partly to prepare for the drying up of funds if Chavez died.  First they lost Russia.  Now, maybe they'll lose Venezuela.  They've improved income and reduced outgo, but is it enough without Venezuela's oil, which they turn around and sell to China, and the cash?

And I guess another thought comes to mind.  How many people really mourn him?

People I know in Venezuela were afraid to be on the streets and have their family members on the streets.  While cities like Caracas are always extremely dangerous, it may now be explosive.

We'll see what the future brings.

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