Photos of Hurricane Sandy Damage in Santiago

Some photos of Hurricane Sandy damage have come out of Santiago de Cuba.

These photos are from El Parque Cespedes in Santiago de Cuba.  This is about a mile above the Harbor.  The white building in this photo is the Ayuntamiento, where Fidel Castro made his acceptance speech when he took over on January 1, 1959.  To the right, out of the photo, is Hotel Casa Granda.  The building to the left, where all the debris lies on the ground, is a church.

Following is a photo I took of the Ayuntamiento from my hotel room in Casa Granda a couple of years ago.

This is a view from the roof of Casa Granda to show here the building is in relation to the bay.

This is the Hotel Casa Granda.  The photos above show debris outside, but don't show the hotel.

This is the church, whose towers show up in the above photo, and outside which is debris.


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