March 21, 2012 Off El Prado – A Bit More Decrepit

[Franklin Marquez – Age –50’s; Birthplace – Santiago de Cuba, Cuba; Residence – Miami, Florida, U.S.; Currently in Havana; Lives with Wife and Children; Occupation – Attorney, Writer, Moderator of the Blog]

Below is a map of Havana, El Prado. El Prado is also known as El Paseo de Martí. It runs parallel to the channel, which is to the right. The water in the photo is the sea. El Prado has a wide center walking area between the two parts of the street, closer to the water. Then it becomes a wider street without a median as it continues inland, near the Capitólio.

You can see the large block where El Capitólio (“National Capitol Building”) is in the middle towards the bottom. The street behind it (to the west) is Industria. That’s the street where I walked as I took most of these photos, walking northward towards the Malecón and the sea.

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