March 16, 2012 Cuban dissidents removed from church

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Reports have been printed this morning about the Cuban dissidents being removed from the Virgin of Charity Church where they had demanded an audience with the Pope when he comes to Cuba.

I have talked to several Cubans here in Havana over the last couple of days, asking what was going on. As usual, either nobody knew anything, or nobody wanted to say anything. I really think they did not know anything about it. I went to the house of some ladies I have met and had a coffee. These ladies have an illegally obtained satellite feed to their large color t.v., something way out of place in their tiny, decrepit apartment with a makeshift ceiling below the barbacoa (a separate floor halfway between the real ceiling and the floor). Although they were watching Miami news, it apparently hadn’t shown anything about this news either. They watch soap operas and local news from Miami. They asked me how it is that a rich country like the U.S. couldn’t protect people better from driving into canals. They said cars end up in canals and people drown all the time.

Anyway, I just came over to the Saratoga Hotel to jump on the wi-fi, and I learned the dissidents had been removed.
Following are some English news stories:

Yoani Sanchez has been in regular contact with the dissidents inside the church, and had been publishing their phone numbers. She says: “A note of the archdiocese says that #13Iglesia "were invited to leave" the Church, but their testimony says otherwise #PopeCuba”.

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