Yaineris writes about Franklin's Visit to Havana

[Yaineris – Age – 30’s;Birthplace – Holguín, Cuba; Residence – Santiago de Cuba, Havana, Cuba, Holguín, Cuba; Lives with Teenage, Profoundly Disabled Daughter, in Illegal Rental Unit when in Havana, Extended Family When in Other Locations; Occupation – Educated as Economist; Worked in Government Stores; Prostitute]

[via regular mail – translated]

Hola, Franklin,

Manuel told me you are visiting. Are you bringing your wife this time? Maybe all the people like Manuel, and people like me would leave you alone if you had a woman on your arm.

Manuel told me you said you could bring something, if I needed anything. I don’t really need anything.

My daughter could use some clothes. She’s 14 now. You know she’s not well, mentally, but she’s sure growing. She is so sweet and beautiful. Call Reinaldo’s house and he’ll tell you what you could bring her.

I could use a new mobile phone. They have some Motorolas cheap in Miami.

So I will probably see you, hanging out by the taxis, me waiting for a call, you digging into what you can learn about our boring, protected lives.

See you. Mua. (don’t tell Mrs. Marquez I just threw you a kiss)

Xoxox Yaineris

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