Oswardo Tells Franklin They Need No Provisions

[Oswardo – Age – Late 20’s; Birthplace – Havana, Cuba; Residence In July, 2011 – Havana, Cuba; Expected Residence in Next Few Months – Caracas, Venezuela; Occupation – Student, Computer Science; Husband of Yoana]

[sent via e-mail – translated]

Dear Franklin,

Tranquilo. Relax. You always worry too much. Listen, you do not need to bring us anything. You know we Cubans get by with what we have. We’ve never had money or available products, so we really just don’t even think about it.

Honestly, you don’t need to bring me anything at all. The Ipod you gave me last time, with all that great music still works fine. One thing you could bring is needles and thread for my mother to sew. We always need to mend clothes.

Don’t go overboard buying things for our child. It’s not necessary. Just come for a visit and stop worrying about us.


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