Marisa writes about Franklin's Next Visit to Hotel Deauville

[Marisa – Age – Late Teens; Birthplace – Havana, Cuba; Residence – Havana, Cuba; Lives with Parents and Extended Family; Occupation – Educated in Business and Finance, Works at front desk of Government Owned Hotel; Fiancé of Ernesto]

Hi, Franklin,

I heard you are coming back to Havana. Are you going to stay here at the hotel again? I hope so. You were the best customer for cafecito we’ve ever had. Up at dawn, espresso in hand, at our dinosaur computers.

Ernesto gives his regards. Too bad you are coming before May. We are getting married in May, and would have loved for you to be here.

We are having the wedding party right here in the hotel, the place where you ate breakfast, which you told me was the worst food you’d ever had. How without shame you are!!

I hope you bring your wife and family this time. I’d love to meet them. I feel like I know them already.


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