Manuel the Jinitero Offers Services to Franklin

[Manuel – Age – 30’s; Birthplace – Santa Clara, Cuba; Residence – Havana, Cuba, Santa Clara, Cuba; Lives in Illegal Rental Units when in Havana, With Extended Family When in Santa Clara; Occupation – Was a Soldier, Worked Various Government Jobs, Jinitero, Not Officially Employed]

[via e-mail – translated]

Hola, Franklin

I heard you are coming. You need a car? A woman? What do you need? I’ll get it.

I’m just making fun. You never want what I have to offer. Last time you gave me money to tell you about what I do. Now that was strange.

Walking through the cemetery, telling you stupid stuff, and you paying me.

Well, I’ll come up with some good stories if you give me money again.

See you when you are here. I’ll send a car and a woman to the airport!


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