Enrique Writes About New Years in Santiago and the Pope's Visit

[Enrique – Age – 70’s; Birthplace – Havana, Cuba; Residence – Santiago de Cuba; Lives with Wife and Extended Family; Occupation – Retired, Previously Worked in Various Government Jobs, in Bodeguitas, Museums, Restaurants]

Dear Franklin,

Reinaldo told me you are coming to visit, Cuba, but this time you are not coming to Santiago. Is that true?

Things are normal here in Santiago. There is some excitement about the Pope coming to visit. My wife, Gladys, is looking forward to being able to attend a mass. I do not know where it will be.

I believe it may be at the chapel of the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre. Now, the Virgin has returned from a trip around Cuba, so she is there, awaiting the visit from the Pope.

You asked me about what we did for the new year. We went to my brother’s little farmhouse, east of Santiago, on the road to Siboney. He had fattened up a nice pig, and we slaughtered it and had a feast, with moros, platanos and all the good Cuban food. He even had grown some coffee, and had roasted the beans, so we had delicious espresso.

It was heaven.

Let us know when you come to Santiago. We are all looking forward to seeing you.

A Hug.



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