Angel Talks About His Private Barber Business in Havana

[Angel – Age – 40’s; Birthplace – Havana, Cuba; Residence – Havana, Cuba; Lives with Wife and Extended Family; Occupation – Self-Employed Barber, Previously Government Employed Barber]

[Sent via e-mail – translated]


Thank you for your nice e-mail. I am delighted to know that you are coming to visit us again. It was quite an unusual event the way I met you two years ago while waiting for a bus – guagua as we call them.

Yes, my self-employment as a barber has gone well. I was so afraid at first, when I lost my long-term government job, but my customers from when I did work for the government, and my friends and neighbors, have flocked to me, so I am not lacking business.

Since I do not have a shop, I travel to them, complete with all the necessary implements, including a large piece of soft plastic which I place on the floor to collect their hair and take it away with me, so I don’t leave a mess.

Keep your hair shaggy before you come down, and I will treat you to the best haircut you’ve had.


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