Non-Exciting News from Cuba

Raul Castro ended the National Conference of the Cuban Communist Party. Yawn. The government found it to be a great success. The vocal dissidents said it was nothing new --- no changes. The populace probably paid no attention.

Then Dilma came to town. Another anticlimactic, non-exciting event. Raul met with the president of Brazil, and touted the great relationship between the two countries. The vocal dissidents discounted the visit. The populace could have cared less.

Yoani Sanchez reported that it was rather different having so many Brazilian press members in Havana.

Yoani also said of Raul’s talk at the Cuban Communist Party event, “Raul Castro's speech at the Conference of the PCC is more of the same so far: ideological radicalization and one-party system.

Yoani also had things to say about Dilma’s visit:

“We hope the @dilmabr agenda in #cuba will not be limited to the Mariel port or a new bank loan. And the #HHRR topic?”

“I was told that at the moment @dilmabr is visiting the works of the port of Mariel”

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