Dissidents Beaten and Prevented from Taking Flowers to Cemetery

Miguel Sigler Amaya reports that his family members in Cuba explained to him the following. He refers to the tyranny of the Castro government, which he says reflects “a criminal and murderous nature against the Cuban people”, in that it has “again unleashed its hatred and revenge against the Sigler Amaya family, leaving no escape from the control of violence against children, women and elderly.” [translated by Editor of this blog]

He says that on Sunday, January 8, two years after the death of Gloria Amaya González, a member of Alternative Option Independent Movement and Lady in White, family members and friends tried to take flowers to the cemetery in Matanzas, where her body rests.

He says that before they could enter, the cemetery the defenseless and peaceful anti-communist opposition members were brutally attacked by mobs organized by the Castro political police, the Communist Party and the Government of the town. He says that the visitors were chased by patrol cars, motorcycles and other vehicles and furiously beaten with blunt objects. To avoid recording of the brutality and abuse, the police forcefully removed the visitors’ cell phones and video cameras.

The attack actually began the day before when the State Security and the Police arrested Juan Fransisco Sigler Amaya, president of the Independent Movement alternative. Before being released, officers ordered him not to take flowers to his mother to the cemetery.

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