Report from Yoana regarding Oswardo’s Return to Cuba

Yoana – Age – Late 20’s; Birthplace – Santa Clara, Cuba; Residence Havana,
Cuba (will not be permitted to leave the country with Oswardo, her husband);
Occupation – Physician; Wife of Oswardo

Hola, Franklin:

I haven’t written since Oswardo returned to Cuba. As you know, I was worried
about him. The initial excitement and hope that he experienced when he left,
quickly soured, and turned into despair and depression. So he returned to Cuba.

Now, all hope of a future is gone. All we can wait for is a change in our
government. As you know, the government has been making a number of
changes recently. But we Cubans are always hesitant to embrace changes
because we never know when they will be reversed.

The changes seem like moves towards capitalism, but our government
consistently states that they are necessary changes to stabilize and improve the
socialistic mode. It’s hard to follow and hard to put our system into a system

But anyway, who really cares what you call it. For us, our life has returned to the
hum-drum. I imagine even in free societies life can also be hum-drum. Work,
spend time with family, eat, sleep. We aren’t the only country where one has to
wait in interminable lines to do anything, where food and “necessities” (I guess
they aren’t really necessities since so often we have to do without) are hard to
find, where we always have to worry about who is watching and considering
whatever we do or say …..

So, here we are. Living the Cuba life. Enjoying having Oswardo home, and not
spending time hoping for a change in the future. We can’t dwell on hope for
change. It’s a waste of time.

Waiting for a bus in Havana

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