Prisoners Sew Their Mouths Shut

A number of sources this week reported a gruesome and we would imagine very painful act by prisoners left behind in Cuba --- they sewed their mouths shut.

We have already reported that Raul Castro determined to free almost three thousand prisoners, and we and many others have raised questions about those released, and those not pardoned. While it seemed that political prisoners would be a significant part of the pardon, and that this pardon was intended to show the Pope (who will visit soon) and others that Cuba does not prevent free speech and action, it turned out that very few political prisoners were among those to be released.

The Miami New Times and others reported that dissidents said approximately ten political prisoners who were not on the release list actually sewed their mouths shut, to reflect their intent at a hunger strike. Demonstrations occurred in other prisons as well, but this act in the Boniato prison, which is in the province of Santiago de Cuba, was the most dramatic.

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