More Arrests and Unrest in Cuba.

Reports from Cuba indicate that dissident journalist Guillermo Farinas, who has consistently pushed the government for free press and against Internet censorship has been arrested again. On Christmas day, Yoani Sanchez reported that the arrest was violent, and that he was dragged, hanging from the door a moving car. Several hours later, she reported that he had been released. We have not seen any information beyond that. We do not know if he was injured or anything.

This is at least the third time he has been arrested this year, according to various news reports. Reports indicate that after his arrest while visiting another hunger striker in November of this year, he was beaten in detention.

He has engaged in hunger strikes several times in the past, and was awarded the Sakharov rights prize issued by the European parliament in 2010 after a 135-day hunger strike to press for the release of political prisoners.

There were also reports of more harassment of the Ladies in White --- this time preventing them from entering church on Christmas Eve.

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