Franklin Marquez reports on news from Cuba

News of Cuba in the U.S. has been quite sparse since the events of last week.  It was only a week ago that Cuban exiles in the U.S. took boats to a place off the shore of Havana and shot fireworks on the eve of Human Rights Day.  Reports in Cuba indicate the Cuban government began arresting known, vocal dissidents earlier in the month, in order to quell unrest.  Last weekend, and the beginning of this past week, more arrests were announced by Cubans.  A number of the Ladies in White were apparently gathered up and sent away from Havana.

In the U.S., Miami news agencies reported the flotilla and fireworks. At least one local Miami station showed interviews of boat captains and the person behind the event.  But nothing significant has been reported about Cuba’s apparent anti-human rights activities to quell the activists.
Even Twitter reports from inside Cuba have calmed. I posted a report last week that a Centro Havana resident asked me what had happened with a flotilla going to Havana, because he had heard rumors, but did not even know there had been fireworks.

I have been monitoring Twitter reports, including the Ladies in White list, but am not certain what occurred with the reported arrests of its members last week. Fox News Latino indicates they were forcibly placed on buses, but I am not sure whether they were actually deported to their home provinces or not.

On the Ladies in White’s Twitter account, appears the following notice:

@yoanisanchez: Segun cifras de la #CCDHRN desde el martes pasado hasta hoy han ocurrido mas de 312 detenciones arbitrarias en #Cuba

Translated: "@ Yoanisanchez: According to figures from the # CCDHRN from last Tuesday until today there have been more than 312 arbitrary detentions in # Cuba"

But from the postings on their Twitter site even yesterday, I am not certain any of the Ladies in White were detained or deported to their provinces.

On Friday, December 16, 2011, Natalie Morales reported from Cuba regarding the new changes in the ability of U.S. citizens to travel there, the new business possibilities in Cuba, and the new ability to buy and sell real estate.  The story was obviously prerecorded.  It showed a peaceful march of the Ladies in 
White, without incident.  It also indicated something else in the news -- that certain political groups are pushing to reverse the new opening of travel possibilities to Cuba, claiming that Americans are now putting too much money in the Cuban coffers.

On Monday, December 19, the Today Show is going to show Hemingway’s home outside Havana.

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