International Book Fair

I am studying the International Book Fair that occurs in Cuba each year. I'm trying to figure out if I can attend part of it. It starts in Havana and travels around the country, ultimately ending in Santiago de Cuba.

I found notices published by various countries, including Barbados, advertising and asking authors to become involved
Following is a Wikipedia link:

The following is published by the Embassy of Cuba in Cyprus: click to enlarge

Here is a link to a group with which one can travel to enjoy the Book Fair, and see some great sites. I'm somewhat concerned that the books that are promoted will all be pushing communism and socialism, but supposedly it is international, and not that way at all.

The link is by is posted by a particular travel provider, but it comes up on searches as being very involved in the fair, and other cultural events. It has great information, and as of this writing still has places available. It explains the event and this year's focus, and also contains a historical description of the event. Also, if you read the sites it will go to, there are two days of visiting the event in Havana, and one day in Cienfuegos. Also, they visit the University of Havana, and a unique publishing house called Ediciones Vigia in Matanzas. Matanzas is about an hour from Havana. It also goes to a Literacy Museum in Havana.

I also was interested in learning about Hemingay's life in Cuba. When I was last there, I visited the room in the Hotel Ambos Mundos, which is a museum now, and I saw, but did not eat at one of his favorite restaurants, La Floridita. Some friends recently went to Cuba on a cultural trip, and told me about going to Cojimar. I am interested in going there, so I started researching. I found a great Life Magazine photo exposition, in preparation for its publishing The Old Man and the Sea as a novella. Here is a link to the Life Magazine site.

Click on the photo and see the series.

a view from hemingways window in hotel ambos mundos

hotel Ambos Mundos - There's a room that is a museum because Hemingway lived and wrote there.

A restaurant in Havana that was one of Hemingway's favorites.
Hemingway's room in the Hotel Ambos Mundos

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